Afya Info is a growing startup in the health sector operating from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


  1. Bridge the digital divide in the health sector by providing access of basic health information to all.
  2. Influence informed decisions driven by public health knowledge.


Using simple technologies we are empowering people to improve their health and livelihoods by providing essential health information in local and native languages. Collaborating with other stakeholders, we are committed to reducing suffering and deaths from preventable diseases and health conditions. Together, we are driving lasting change to strengthen individual health and to build resilient communities.

Founding team

3 women from 2 countries passionate about public health and the role of technology to enhance and impact lives.

Mariatheresa Samson Kadushi
Mariatheresa Samson Kadushi
Company lead / Founder
Tech / ICT
Dr. Hilderruth Allan Shoo
Dr. Hilderruth Allan Shoo
Lead medical / Co founder
Medicine / MPH
Anja Witte
Anja Witte
Investor / Founding partner
Business / MBA
Ina Schlie
Ina Schlie
Investor / Founding partner
Supervisory board member & Former Senior VP at SAP


Bima Road, Block B, Mikocheni
P.O.Box 32266 Dar es Salaam | Tanzania.
[email protected]
+255 747 055 155 (call, text or WhatsApp)

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